Thursday, January 10, 2008

Belly Watch 2008

Well, it appears that the focus is now completlely on my abdomen. I'm noticing it's the first thing people at work look at when they see me - better than my chest, I guess. I was even standing in the kitchen at work today waiting on my lunch in the microwave when a woman who works in my college told me I was showing. (It totally depends what I wear.) I know it's all good hearted, but it's weird just feeling like everyone is looking at your stomach.

And yes, I guess I do think I am showing a little today. I'm wearing my regular pants with my brand new WHITE Bella Band b/c they do not zip up all the way now and a slim sweater over top. So thanks to the band, it looks like I have a nice and shapely, rounding belly. (But let me tell you, that's the band doing it's work b/c my stomach is NOT that firm underneath.) So I guess it's just a facade.

So maybe it's time for a belly shot, although I assure you I will not be doing any that expose the skin on my actual belly. You'll have to settle for clothed ones.


viv said...

Let the belly shots begin! I wish I would have done weekly shots with both girls, that's one thing I didn't do! Well that and a belly mol - oh and I didn't do a 4-D sono! Ok so it seems there's a lot I didn't do! ;)

Erin said...

I too, loved that particular feature of the bella band... LOL!

Erika said...

I didn't do ANY belly shots with Caroline and I regreted it, so I did a few with Bryce which is probably what I'll do this time.

As for the 4D - I always SAID I was going to do it and then when push comes to shove, I don't end up wanting to spend that much money. But as luck would have it, there's a 4D u/s place across the street from my office!!! Sooo, if the baby does not share it's gender with us at the anatomy u/s in a few weeks, I have decided I will spend the $90 for the brief 4D u/s. :)

Katie said...

Belly shots, belly shots, belly shots on-line!!!

Obscure reference to "The Office". I wonder if you'll get it.

Erin said...

Erika, you mean Sprout? I had my 3-D sono there! They are WONDERFUL. :)