Monday, January 14, 2008

All Bordered Out

The kids are spending the night with the IL's so Jay and I took advantage of the time off to:

1. Go to dinner at our fav sushi place and no, I had NO raw fish. It was absolutely DIVINE!

2. Go to Toys R Us and buy Bryce bed rails and I ended up getting him two Disney Cars for Valentine's Day - the kid loves Cars and there were two he didn't have!

3. Finish Bryce's Big Boy Room!!!!! Jason finished painting on Saturday so this evening we put up the dinosaur border, cleaned up, and rearranged. I moved a few of his toys and his books/bookshelf into the room too. When he gets home tomorrow evening he's gonna flip! Jason thinks he'll want to sleep in there and I guess if he really, really wants to, we'll oblige since if it doesn't work out, the crib is still there. But even if he doesn't, the door knob cover is off and he can go in there to play as much as he wants - which is kind of the idea to get him used to it.

It still needs some things hung on the wall along with window treatments and a few other things (it looks painfully bare to me), but the majority of it is done. Although the closet is still FULL of mine and Jason's season clothes. It's not a problem to put our storage bins of clothes in the basement, but this sudden eviction from Bryce's new closet has made us realize we really need to start thinking about a better storage closet - hopefully wonderful CEDAR - in the basement.

Sigh - why is it one project always leads to another. And it makes me realize now that Bryce's room is painted that the only "room" left to paint is the foyer/living room/upstairs hallway. Ugh, I do not like thinking about that. It's just one continuous space that promises to be big fun for Jason as he'll have to navigate painting up the steps which is going to be tough on the wall that faces the upstairs hallway. We'll definitely be picking a lighter color as we learned our lesson with a darker color before!!

In other news, my dad is almost done putting up all the tile on the backsplash in the kitchen. My dad took advantage of the kids being gone tonight too by coming over and working a little later than usual. He's only got the back corner of one counter left and then he'll apply a sealer to the tiles (they're slate so they need a pre-treatment) and then grout. I'll be sure to post pics when it's done. It looks so good already that it already makes me want to declutter my kitchen more.

And without future adieu, here are some pics of Bryce's Big Boy room! I can't wait to see his reaction tomorrow.

From the doorway:

From the bed:

Oh and I wanted to add, I HATE that torch lamp by the door. It's in there for necessity right now because the stupid people that built the house wired the electric socket right by the door to the switch. Now who wants a light right by the door??? So we're in talks with Electrical Engineer Geno (my dad) about either changing the socket or maybe wiring the ceiling fan with a light fixture. That torch lamp has to go!


Bertie said...

I love it! The blue is such a nice shade and the furniture looks fantastic against it! Bryce will be so excited as will Caroline. Now we'll have to think about window treatments.
Nice job!

viv said...

The room looks great! As a simple trick with the light switch outlet - I plugged in an extension cord and ran it around the baseboards to where I wanted the light to go. I then tucked in as much of the cord as possible under the carpet at the baseboard as to hide it from kiddie fingers and mouths make it look much nicer.

bracken said...

Bryce is going to love it! The room looks great. It is frustrating that the house projects never seem to die down. Every time you think you are getting to the end something else pops up!

Erin said...

So cute! :) I love it!

Katie said...

It looks really nice. I like his Shrek doll too.

Dawn said...

It looks great, Erika! Bryce is going to love it. So how did he react?? Is he sleeping in his bed now?