Monday, January 21, 2008

4 years and counting...

Well, we finally got around to Caroline's 4 year checkup today! (Yes, I know she's been 4 for a month and a half, but our scheduled visit at the end of December got cancelled, I just waited to schedule it for the next time I was off - MLK day!)

So the stats? She's 36lbs and just over 40 inches tall! Woohoo! I don't know what percent that puts her in, and frankly I don't really care, I'm not into charting those things. Dr. Q. said she's just perfect and has absolutely no concerns on her height/weight. He was pleased to hear all about her near reading skills and all of her other vitals checked out just fine. He was quite impressed by her knowledge of all the different birds she knew too as she kept commenting on the cardinals, bluejays and pigeons she saw outside during the exam. Oh and that she knew what an umbilical cord was too - smarty pants!

I also asked him about her odd skin reaction to my grandmother's chair in December and he too is convinced it was a reaction to some kind of chemical on the fabric since she has no pets. So he said unless it happens again, not to get too worried but because of our relationship w/ an allergist, just to let him know if we want a referral to have her tested. I know she has some seasonal allergies since she was somewhat snotty in the spring (nothing like Bryce!) but nothing I'm too concerned with at this point.

But the big deal of the day for Miss C was that she had to get FOUR shots! (four for 4, I guess). Poor kid - she hadn't had any except for maybe 1 flu shot since she was 15 months old! So she's all caught up now until middle school!!! So she took 2 in each shoulder like a champ (the key was getting her not to look) and then she was pleased to get some stickers and a lollipop. She was very proud to wear her "Dr. Q is proud of me!" sticker too.

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YEAH Good for Caroline!