Thursday, January 03, 2008

29 Degrees

That's what our thermometer read today at 3pm. I'll come back to why I know this later...

My daycare provider is not reopening until Monday since she took an extended break this holiday as her husband recooperates from heart surgery. So my mom was able to help us out yesterday and my ILs will be taking the reins tomorrow. But today was a non-grandparent day b/c of work schedules so Jason and I each worked a half day. I worked 7am-11am and then came home while Jason went off to work. Not such a bad arrangement. I got to play with them a little before lunch, feed them, and then nap them (for 2 hours each!!). When they woke up at 2:30pm, we made paper snowmen and then they were ready for something else.

"Mommy, I want to go out on the playground," said Caroline.

And honestly, before they'd even woken up, I'd considered this because today was the first day in a while that it was sunny and it hadn't rained a lot the day before. Yes, it was very cold but you know what, some sun and cold air might be good.

So we bundled up and at 3pm, all three of us went outside in the 29 degree, breezy weather. It's funny how kids aren't phased by the cold b/c I was freezing right away. They climbed around, they did some sliding, they did some swinging (and fighting over the swings as they do in warmer weather), and they did some running around. At about 3:25, I went out front and got the mail and feeling quite frozen, I came around back and was greeted by Bryce who told me he was cold. So I informed Caroline we were cold and going in and she started crying - as I expected. She stood at the sliding glass door on the deck and cried, watching Bryce and me get our coats off. Finally, she relented and came in but I think it was mostly because I wouldn't let her read her new magazine out on the deck in the cold. But I made them both hot cocoa (which they both requested and then did not drink) and we played school - a la Gladys and Herman - until Jason came home.

I guess that's another good thing about having your own playground, when it's 29 degrees you can even squeeze in an outside session. (Or maybe that's NOT such a good thing.....)

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Katie said...

Good for you for getting out. We were not that brave.