Thursday, January 31, 2008


That was my juror number today which is low enough to pretty much definitely get called in (I did) but when I told Jason yesterday afternoon that they only called a little over 300 numbers, he said that it must be a light day in the courts. And it was.....

Got there at 9am, checked in and they told us that there were only 2 civil cases on the docket for the day but there was always a potential for a criminal case to be handed down. Of course the woman did make the comment that today was particularly light and even though I know she couldn't say it, I sensed that maybe it would be an easy day. They immediately called numbers 1-77 for a jury selection. (Can you imagine seeing #1 on your jury summons???) and the rest of us sat. I brought a new book which I ended up getting more than 120 pages into. Then at 11:30 they dismissed numbers 78-190 for lunch so they could be back at 12:45pm for jury selection. Then I was dismissed for lunch at 12:30 to be back by 1:30. I trekked down to Subway and after getting back and sitting until 2:30, they dismissed us for good!!!!!

Clearly - a light day. I had some good karma in my favor today. So basically, I got to read a decent book, relax, and kind of watch a movie they were playing. Not such a bad day and I get paid for it at work and don't have to take a vacation day. :)


viv said...

Wow I need a day like that ;)

Katie said...

Were you at the courthouse I used to work at? My office was down the hall from jury room. ;-) I used to get snacks from those snack machines.