Sunday, January 13, 2008

13 Weeks

So I guess this puts me in the 2nd trimester.....or maybe if you're a stickler, I will be at 13w, 3 days, right? How about that? I'm hoping that the end to the sickly trimester leads to not feeling nauseous in the evenings and having a little more energy. Katie was totally right about this probably being the perfect time of year to be in the 1st trimester. I found out in early November, but didn't start having symptoms until after Thanksgiving and by that point, we were in full holiday swing. So while it didn't make it easier, it made it seem to go faster and here we are a few weeks post-holidays and it's over (well almost over!). I know that full blown maternity clothes are coming and I went ahead and laundered all my 2nd trimester clothes so they look fresh and ready whenever I need them. I know I'll need the pants weeks before I need the shirts though.

Although I'm starting to rethink my gender predictions. For the most part, I've been thinking girl but a recent outbreak of zits has caused me to reconsider that maybe it's a boy. I broke out like crazy with Bryce and don't recall anything out of the ordinary with Caroline. I generally have easy to manage skin, so this is quite an annoyance for me.

Of course the thing I've been craving the most recently has been ORANGE JUICE! YUM! I have always liked OJ, but lately it is like heaven in a glass to me. And I have a very clear memory of craving citrus when pregnant with Caroline too. So really, who knows.....

So it really will be a surprise for me when we find out and either way, I'll be happy and sad. Happy for whatever it is and sad for what it isn't because in this case I'd love another of either! (But that does NOT mean I want a fourth!)


Katie said...

I am having fun tracking your pregnancy and re-living my pregnancy memories from last year.

viv said...

So since you keep going back and forth maybe you are having twins, one of each ;) jk :)