Saturday, December 08, 2007

Year of the Cheesy Smile

I took Caroline for her 4 year portraits last night. I was a little bit nervous about it given the fact she's been a little difficult the past 2 years and has ended up being "done" before the session was over. That said, we've ended up getting some cute pictures out of it just the same.

So we made it into a girl's night at the mall and had dinner with the promise of dessert and a carousel ride if she cooperated. I guess this is the difference in the age of 4 - Caroline didn't give the photographer any problems and followed all her instructions about how to sit and stand. Although she did have trouble holding poses. However, the issue now is that Caroline doesn't know how to smile naturally for photos. She'd get in the pose she needed to and then when it came time to take the picture she'd make some weird face that she thinks is funny or cute. I never realized that smiling naturally for a photograph is a learned skill. And since she's older, we're beyond the days of doing something dumb behind the camera to make her smile naturally. Well, I probably could have talked about something like toots or poop to make her laugh since that is what she finds funny these days sigh, but I wasn't exactly interested in doing that in public.

We did manage to get a few cute shots, although nothing that completely bowled me over. But I'm sure that when I look back on them in 10 years, I'll think they were adorable.

Now remember, these are scans so the exposure and color are off. The prints look much better.

Cute but I still think she looks a little uncomfortable...

She brought her bird, Blazer, along and he got to be in the picture:

I didn't get any big ones of this, only a few 4x6's, but it just made me laugh and I had to get it:


Katie said...

We had a very similar experience with our girls this morning...

I think the shots turned out okay though. Caroline always looks cute.

bracken said...

Even with the smiles she looks adorable!