Friday, December 28, 2007

Well Laid Plans

Well, Jay and Caroline had checkups this morning at 9am, but it's 9am and we are not there. Turns out our doctor is having emergency wisdom tooth surgery this morning so all appointments are cancelled. So now I'll have to take off work to take Caroline to her 4 year check up - wonderful. (And January is the WORST time for me to take off too.....) But, since we are all up, showered, and dressed, we're going to make good use of the morning and get out. Bryce is in need of a haircut and we have a few things we need to pickup too. So while I'm peeved to have the appointment cancelled, at least we're not going to waste a morning.

BTW, did you notice that the "baby" on the side of the screen looks human now? Pretty cool, huh?

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