Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thanking Our Lucky Stars

Traffic yesterday was a bear due to the wintry weather! But I want to thank our lucky stars that all of my family arrived home safely. Most of all, my mother, who had been on her way west to Hagerstown to visit my grandmothers for the day. While on the ramp to get onto I-70 from I-695, she narrowly missed getting into a major accident after two tractor trailers had abruptly blocked the ramp in a moderate accident and the car in front of her collided with one of them. (She told me she couldn't believe she managed not to hit anything or be hit by anyone!) No one was injured but she sat up on that ramp for over 2 hours because the truck could not be moved because the steering went out upon collision. When she finally got of the ramp, she just decided to give up on her trip (I would have too!) and went home and baked cookies all day. I'm so glad she's okay given how many other dangerous accidents occurred yesterday!


FENICLE said...

Hi! I wanted to drop by & tell you that you won the BabyPlus system. Congrats!!

(I also sent you an e-mail with info.)

Viv said...

Oh what's the BabyPlus system? I'm curious now :)