Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Snow Angels are Natural Instinct

I left work an hour early and drove home carefully on the slippery roads to pick up the kiddies so we could have some snow playtime. Thank goodness they both have boots and snowpants! This was Bryce's first snow romp and I think he was a little overwhelmed at first but he got into it quickly. One of the first things Caroline did when we went outside was to throw herself down on the ground and make a snow angel. She'd never talked about them before and I'd never taught her that so I asked her, "Caroline, where did you learn to do snow angels?"

"Well, I turned four and you just know how to do them when you turn four."

So I guess that answers my question, right?

We also took some time to frolic around our Christmas decorations that look oh so pretty in the snow. Caroline was sure to knock the snow off the penguin (even though penguins like snow) while Bryce checked on Frosty. I must say, the house cleans up pretty nice. :)

And while Jason and I started getting chilly, the kids seemed unfazed, as only kids can. So they both took a few slides on the playground sliding board and WOOOOSHED down it faster than ever which made us all laugh. But finally, Bryce asked Jason to pick him up which meant he was ready to go in. And of course, that meant hot chocolate and marshmallows, even if it was time to make dinner.

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Bertie said...

I'm thinking that she and I talked about snow angels and made them last winter when we played in the snow at my house.
What cuties in the snow ....and always!