Monday, December 10, 2007

Santa's Been Watching

Santa made an early delivery today. After dinner, two little wrapped packages magically appeared next to the fireplace with a "C" and a "B" on them.

The kids rushed in upon seeing them and ripped the paper off very quickly. Both kids received new books. (The best gift, I always say!) Caroline got Teeth are Not For Hurting and Bryce got Hands are Not For Hitting. VERY appropriate given Caroline's recent biting incident and the fact that Bryce seems to be hitting Caroline for almost no reason these days.

Man, Santa really knew what he was doing. I told the kids that Santa clearly is watching them and wanted to give them some help to continue being good little children. Of course after we read them, Caroline proceeded to leave some rather deep bite marks in the spine of her book. But at least it's not Bryce's face, right?


bracken said...

Excellent book titles. Hope they have a better impact on your kids than Sydney's pottie book has had on her:>:>:>

Cherie said...

I love that Santa's clearly watching! Any books about not peeing on toys out there?