Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Promise I Will Not Break

The kids were with the ILs yesterday at our house and when Jason called to check in around lunch time, he found out that Caroline had gone out with my MIL to meet Aunt Kelly and Uncle Jer for lunch in White Marsh. The final report was that they had a great time and she got to see Aunt Kelly's work. But, as we were sitting and discussing the day, Caroline told me that I was NOT allowed to look in her closet. There was a surprise in her closet and Nana told her not to tell me. Caroline told me that I could never look in there again until my birthday.

Jason tells me that apparently Caroline picked out a gift and a card - I'm so excited! Especially considering Caroline has had a very bad track record of keeping gift secrets - she's outed several gifts to her father in the past. So I'm guessing that Caroline and Nana had a very good conversation about keeping it a secret because if you could see the look on her face when she is talking about it, you can tell she's trying very hard to keep it inside and she keeps telling me that she said she would keep it a secret. And then at dinner, she says, "Mommy, you have to make a promise to not look in my closet." I took her solemn vow and told her that is a very important promise to me and I intend on keeping it! (We're working on teaching her the importance of keeping promises that you make since she's become willy-nilly with "promising" everything lately.)

So I will be waiting with great anticipation tomorrow for Caroline to make the connection between my birthday and the surprise in her closet. While I'm sure I'll like whatever it is, I think I'll enjoy watching her reaction as I open it even more because just talking to her about it is showing me how excited she is about it. Seeing your kids enjoy giving is just about the best gift a parent can receive!

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Kelly said...

Your latest blogs are bringing tears to my eyes! With Bryce's deepening connection with his Daddy and Caroline's growing interest in keeping secrets I'm just touched every time I read an entry! You guys have such wonderful beautiful children who give us all so much joy!!