Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Pretty Snow

Oooo, the first snow of the season! Just an inch or two, but enough to make it pretty! Such a nice backdrop from my office window and I know the kids are watching it at daycare hoping there will be enough to play around in later. (No snowmen, but maybe some playing?)

And how interesting that it's December 5? Did you know that we've had snow 4 out of the last 5 years on December 5? 2002 we were still at my old job and we got over 7 inches - it was a shocker given how we never get much snow to begin with and to get it in early December is amazing. Then in 2003, it started snowing just as Caroline was born at 9:49pm and it snowed into the night. Such a pretty thing to wake up to on 12/5/03 - a new baby and snow! I don't think it snowed in 2004, but we got a little bit of snow last year on 12/5 and here we are again with it. Since it's 20 days until Christmas, does this make it Christmas snow?

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bracken said...

Guess I don't have much chance for this to happen - -don't see much in GA and now I really won't see it in CA:>:> ENJOY! It is always so pretty when it first snows.