Tuesday, December 18, 2007

One Week....

UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! And only 2 days till my birthday! I can't believe it's all coming up so fast. Today is my last real day of work for the year since tomorrow we have a holiday lunch and an early closing, I'm off Thursday on kid duty (happy birthday to me?), and Friday I know I'll only end up working a partial day. And then it's GO GO GO GO! Our shopping is mostly done, but I think Santa Jason needs to make a stop at the liquor store before we're completely done. People like drinky drinky prezzies! But that does NOT mean any gifts are wrapped - OH NO - it certainly does not! I think I've been putting it off more this year too because we cleared out Bryce's new room (although have done nothing but blue tape it) and that is where we used to "keep Christmas" and do our wrapping. Now it's all down in the basement where it's not lit well and it's chilly - especially chilly to a chilly pregnant woman. So I suppose Jason and I need to sequester ourselves down there together and get our families taken care of soon. And then seperately to get one another done. I also want to do a battery check for all the new toys the kids are getting so as not to be left w/o batteries for any new toy. The good news is that we have ooooooooooodles of gift bags so wrapping can go fairly quickly for non-kid gifts. And since we scaled back this year with our extended families, it shouldn't be too bad. Heck, I don't mind gifts in gift bags - it's good for the Earth to recycle and it's not worth the energy to wrap unless it's for a kid since kids deserve the fun of ripping paper.

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