Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No Oaks for Bryce

We had a checkup w/ the allergist today and Bryce was having a skin test mainly to check for his sensitivity to eggs and peanuts but also to check others. Unfortunately, he's still showing a sensitivity to both BUT not that bad so the doctor truly believes that he'll outgrow both. And 2 is still VERY young for a child to outgrow food allergies.

However, his other allergens were not so good. Jason popped in just after the skin test had been administered and his eyes got BIG upon seeing one of the welts on Bryce's right arm. The doctor identified this GIANT one as oak pollen and several other large ones as other tree pollens. But after seeing how miserable he was in May last year, I'm not surprised. So we are going back to meet w/ the allergist in early March to set up our medication game plan so we don't have to resort to steroids to open Bryce's nose up again. I have high hopes since the Singulair, Zyrtec, Nasonex combo worked wonders on him last year.

And finally, he showed a continued strong sensitivity to cats and rabbits. No love lost there since I've really liked cats (I'm allergic myself) and while I had two beloved bunnies growing up, the memory of the MESS of taking care of one, still haunts me. Nothing showed for dogs though, but that still doesn't mean we'll ever get one. He can continue to enjoy Cody on his visits to his grandparents'. :)

But I must add, the poor little guy was so brave. While the skin test is far from the pain it used to be where they had to prick you many times, ONE AT A TIME, they now have these nifty prong things that do 8 samples at once. They do have to press it firmly into the skin on your arms for a few seconds but it's really NOTHING like it used to be and SO fast. But he had 4 trays to do on him so I had to hold Bryce's arms. And that was tough. Shots have never bothered me b/c they are so fast but with these, Bryce had time to exclaim and cry. He said, "OUCH! STOP!" and the biggest tears fell. I could tell the doc even felt bad making him cry. And after that, Bryce was mad too and even refused a marshmallow. But after a few minutes of cuddling with wa-wa, he came around and accepted a lollipop and was happy Bryce again.

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