Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Night at The Black Olive

For my birthday, Jason told me he was taking me out to eat since he knows that I love to go out for my birthday but he wouldn't tell me where. All I knew was that it was some place we'd never been and I had a good guess that it was downtown and probably some place VERY good (he has good taste in restaurants too). Well, I was not let down....

We pulled up at The Black Olive in Fells Point for our 6:30pm reservation with complimentary valet! When we were seated I thought I heard the hostess say the reservation was for four. Huh? So we sat down at our table for four and Jason told me we had 2 other people joining us. I had a few guesses and then I guessed right - our good friends Mark and Sara who we just never see anymore. (Although we actually had seen them the night before at my mom's Christmas party but as Christmas parties usually go, we talk for a few minutes get distracted by children, food or other guests and never really get to connect.) So when they walked in a few minutes later, I was THRILLED to see them again since it meant that finally after many, many months, we'd get to catch up. (I honestly do not remember the last time we had quality time with them because all of our visits in the past year have involved parties, weddings, etc - not events for much chat!)

Dinner was FANTASTIC as it's a Greek restaurant and I absolutely adore Greek food. Mark has a large Greek family and pretty much knew everything on the menu (without reading the English description) and in true Greek fashion actually knew the owner because, well, it seems every Greek knows every other Greek in Baltimore. Everything from the spreads, to the salads, to the fresh seafood were amazing and I'd HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone liking Greek food and fresh seafood - although make sure your wallet is ready.

Our reservations were at 6:30pm and we didn't get up from our table until 10pm!!!! I cannot believe we lingered that long - something I just love to do - and with catching up with good friends the time flew by. I just can't thank Mark and Sara enough for joining us and I am just so touched that Jason not only picked a stellar restaurant for my birthday, but he was thoughtful in knowing how much I'd love to share it with a few others as well. (Not that I don't enjoy going out to dinner with just him, but this was just the icing on my flourless chocolate cake!) So thanks Jay - I'll always remember this birthday dinner, even if I couldn't have a glass of wine to celebrate.


bracken said...

Sounds like a fabulous evening! Good job Jason:>:>

jason said...

You are most welcome doll! I had a lovely evening as well.