Friday, December 14, 2007

A New Pup in Their Lives

My childrens' lives have been dogless since July when my parent's yellow Labrador Retriever, Boomer, was put to sleep. This followed the passing in May of my IL's Golden Retriever, Josie. Both kids loved those dogs and were sad at their passing. We knew that the death of Boomer was even more sad because it would be my parents' one and only dog. But my IL's have talked since Josie's death about possibly getting another one and Caroline has talked a lot about it too.

Last week, my IL's picked up their new 3 month old puppy from a rescue. He is what they believe to be a Golden Retreiver/Collie mix and from the pictures I've seen, he's a very cute fluffball. My FIL decided to name him Cody since he said he kind of looks like a Kodiak bear.

Well, last night was the first night the kids would get to meet Cody since they went up to spend the night with the IL's and apparently, their inital meeting didn't go as well as hoped. Jason said that even though this puppy was much more laid back and calmer than the puppies we've known (Boomer and Josie were NUTS as pups), the kids were a bit tentative. Although he said that by the time he left, Caroline was down on the floor playing with him and laughing as he chased her around.

When I called this morning to talk to my MIL, it seems that Bryce finally came around early today and petted him. I'm sure the little pup is happy to have some little kids to play with for a while and it will kind of be fun for them to see a puppy grow too.

But, even though I do like bigger dogs and think puppies are the cutest thing, I must say that I have no desire for one to live at our house. I miss Boomer a lot but I don't miss getting covered in his hair and I know my mom doesn't miss having to clean up his fur all the time too. Plus, I don't think I could go through losing another dog let alone going through it with my kids. So we'll enjoy Cody from afar and hope that he's enough dog for them for now. As kids my siblings and I always wanted a dog but didn't have any family with dogs so we rarely were exposed. I'm hoping that having close family with dogs will keep them satiated in their desire for a pup.


Christine said...

Awww, he does sound cute! I completely agree with you about having pets around. I know the time will come that the kids will ask for (and receive) a dog, but not for MANY moons. I spend enough time cleaning up cat fur and hairballs- no need to add dog fur to that mix!

Bracken said...

I have to laugh because I saw the title of your post as the computer brought up your website and I immediately was thinking you got a dog and was very that I have had a chance to read the entire post I have to chuckle at my first instinct to the title. The puppy sounds very cute and I am sure they will all warm up to each other over time.

This week we just adopted a cat. Jenna's parents will not be able to take their cat back up to MD so we have agreed to take her to CA with us. Our dog gets along with her and Sydney loves her. We are probably a little crazy for agreeing to this but I couldn't bear seeing them take her to the human society.

There are definitely days that I wish we didn't have pets because of the hair and just the time it takes to take care of them, but in the end I love them to pieces.