Sunday, December 30, 2007

Name That Rash

We spent the day for Christmas Part IV at my grandmother's in Western MD yesterday. It was a nice day to visit with everyone and while Bryce had a grand time entertaining and being Bryce, Caroline was a bit bored. How easily I forget that as a young child I was NEVER bored at my grandmother's house because my cousins of the same age were always there. But poor Caroline, was not thrilled to watch grownups open "boring" presents and then not have anything truly constructive to do even though we brought along several things for her to do. I also don't think she was feeling great since she's at the tail end of a cold. But as we were getting ready to leave, I noticed that her face looked a little irritated. So we got in the car and drove home and both kids PASSED out within minutes and slept the whole way home.

But when we got in the house, her face was much worse. It was swollen and red and itchy! Poor baby! I gave her a bath and noticed that since the rash was no where else in her body, it's pretty clear that it's not a food allergy as that's a systemic reaction that would be everywhere (I've seen it on Bryce!). She's had other contact reactions to things over the years, but never this bad. So a few doses of allergy medicine later, it looks a little better, but not great. Her left eye is swollen and she just doesn't look like herself. Jason kind of freaked about it and I'm not exactly at ease with it. My mom, a nurse, concurs on the diagnosis of some kind of contact reaction but with what, we do not know. I'm guessing since she spent such a considerable amount of time rolling around in a particular chair that it's something that was on the chair that has irritated her skin. She's proven before to have very sensitive skin, so I shouldn't be surprised given how much she was rolling and putting her face on the chair.

So other than that, she's in good spirits and is taking an extra long nap to catch up on some missed sleep over the past week. I just hope she'll be better by tomorrow when we are supposed to visit with some friends for New Year's Eve!

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