Friday, December 21, 2007

My 31st Birthday

Well, here's Caroline giving me my very exciting birthday gift! I woke up yesterday morning and ate breakfast and all of a sudden she made the connection between it being my birthday and giving me the gift. She asked if I wanted it and when I said, "SURE!" she bounded up the steps to get it and was back down so quickly, I couldn't believe it. But I had the camera ready to capture her joy at bringing me my gift. Now if that isn't a look of pure excitement and happiness at giving a gift, I don't know what is.

I paused momentarily to open and admire the card that had been drawn on and signed by both kids. Apparently she picked it out by herself and it was just perfect! She was a little fidgety that I wasn't opening the gift fast enough and was thrilled when I dug in for it. And the prezzie was.......a bottle of Sugar and Spice body wash from the Bath and Body Works. Mmmm, smells just like gingerbread!

I asked if she'd pose with it for me and she gladly did so. I thanked her profusely and gave both of the kids lots of kisses for the wonderful present. Bryce wasn't quite as into it, but he was happy to tell me Happy Birthday a few times.

Then we got cleaned up and we headed to The Avenue to spend Caroline's gift card on a few books and then we all used my Starbucks gift card to sip some hot cocoa and cider while eating our eggless cookies that I'd brought along. After a quick stop for a few last minute gifts, we headed home with both kids reading their new books in the back and stopped in at a car wash to get that nasty salt (and bird poop, Caroline reminded me) off the van.

I wish I could say the rest of the afternoon was that breezy, but Caroline refused to take a nap and was a bit difficult. We tried to put them to bed early at 7:30 and while it worked fine for Bryce, it did NOT for Caroline - our intended victim of the early bedtime. She was up till around 9pm playing in her bed and we found her up there with her lights on and the door closed playing with her dolls. She was up at 6am this morning playing again and I can just tell she's got the CHRISTMAS spirit coursing through her veins. She's wired! We've got a bunch of holiday commitments this weekend so I think we're going to have our hands full. But, that's what Christmas is all about right? The kids. So with my 31st birthday behind me, I say, "ON WITH CHRISTMAS!"

Only a few more hours of work and then I'm out of here!


Amy said...

Damn, I missed it! I'm sorry!! Happy belated birthday!!!

Christine said...

Yayyyy for yummy bath stuff!!! Love the look on Caroline's face! Anya would have been asking to take a bath/shower immediately! I don't know how you do it with them staying up so late- if my kids aren't in bed ASLEEP by 7:30, I'm freaking out! I'm glad you had a fun bday!