Sunday, December 02, 2007

Miss Caroline's 4th

Caroline turns 4 on Tuesday, so we decided to have her birthday dinner this evening. I'm still of the belief that except for a 1st birthday, little kids don't need real birthday parties until they ask for them. And lucky for me, no child of mine has asked for a party. I'm thinking my days are numbered. But any guilt I had about it, was soon washed away when grandparents, aunts, and uncles arrived and the chaos began. Both kids had people to chase them around and tickle them and indulge them in anything they thought of. Plus, they brought prezzies!

Caroline tore through her gifts like I've never seen and barely absorbed what each and everything was until she got to her bird. This little stuffed bird with an authentic call that she'd adored at Joann's a few weeks before Halloween. My mom remembered and went back to pick it up. As soon as she opened it, she exclaimed, "OH! My wish came true!" And she hugged it like it was the best thing in the world. It almost made me cry in hearing how genuine her joy was upon receiving that little bird.

Then she tore through her other gifts so quickly, I'm still not quite sure exactly what came from which person. She received some really cute outfits, some books, baby doll toys, and games. But then when she opened her Baby Born - Look Mommy, I Can Swim doll from Jason and me, we got a similar reaction to the bird and again, my heart was completely warmed by her gratefulness.

At that point, she and Bryce opened boxes and played with the extra adults while Jason and I got dinner going. The menu was chosen by Caroline, although with as little as she ended up eating you'd think she didn't like it. But we had burgers on the grill, oven fries (regular and sweet potato), Kraft Mac n Cheese (her fav!), and Greek salad (mommy and daddy's fav). Then we all sang Happy Birthday around the beautiful castle cake my mom made for her. Of course, Caroline had to smell it before doing anything else and managed to blow out all four candles after trying a few dainty blows. She scarfed down her cake and ice cream (even after she dropped the bowl on the floor and spilled it all) and then went back to playing with all her new toys.

After we cleaned everything up, we went upstairs to put Caroline's new sleep tent on her bed and get to use her Swim Baby in the tub. Let's just say that we're going to have a hard time getting Bryce to understand that Caroline's bed is NOT a bounce house. However, it's the cutest thing and I hope it will help her to stay in bed in the evenings. Although tonight wasn't exactly successful but she was also pretty keyed up.

We had given Caroline her baby bunk beds on Saturday so that she'd have ample time to play with them before getting other gifts and knowing she'd have to leave them at home on Monday. She was thrilled upon seeing them and has been tucking as many dolls into them as possible. I'll have to get some pictures. According to her, all her babies slept great in their new beds and she was sure to put a towel under all of them before going to sleep to be sure they didn't pee on the mattress. Pretty forward thinking for such a young mom, huh? I guess she's been taking notes or something.

So I won't say my official HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby girl until Tuesday, but I can say that this was a very nice birthday celebration and it was almost as much fun for me as I think it was for her.


Christine said...

Happy almost bday Super C!!!! I'm glad she had such a fun party. I definitely love the tent- I truly hope it keeps her in bed at night. Sounds like she got some super-cool prezzies and had a fun time!!!

bracken said...

Since Sydney just had her birthday, I can agree with that wonderful feeling when a child opens a gift and just loves it. Sydney reacted like that to the most of her gifts and it just touched me to see how grateful she was.

Happy Early Birthday Caroline!

You will have to let us know if the tent works:>:>

Katie said...

Awww. I'm sure she had a blast at her family party!! That's all you need really.

Viv said...

Wow it looks like you Mom can really make a good cake! I should hire her :)