Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Highlights - Part 1 & 2

Busy times around here.

Spent Christmas Eve w/ my IL's and had a nice time! Both kids got rollerskates (and safety helmets and pads) and Bryce was THRILLED to get his Thomas and Friends set - so much so that once he opened it, he did NOT want to open ANY more gifts. We also learned that the way to get Caroline instantly interested in a gift is to tell her it's for Bryce. We've had numerous screaching fights between the two of them already.

Bryce also got the Christmas Eve gift of a VERY snotty cold. Poor kid is snotting everywhere and we think had a fever last night and this morning. He was in rare form this morning and already bit Caroline for touching Thomas. Nice. But a dose of Motrin later, he's back to his jolly self. When he woke up at 7:30 this morning and I walked into his room he asked, "Is Ho ho here??" (But that was the end of his good mood for a little bit.)

Caroline's "big" gift was her vtech Kidizoom digital camera. She's already impressed us with her photo taking ability (well, not exactly the quality of the photos or her framing) but she's quite good at holding it up, looking through the viewer and snapping a photo. However, Bryce is quite taken by it too and ran around saying CHEESE and then you'd see a flash. I think he took about 40 pictures. The quality of the photos isn't great, but for a kid's camera it's pretty good and it has a lot of fun little features that I'm sure she'll like as she gets used to it. The only problem with it right now is that if she's using it, Bryce wants it too. Here's one of her first photos:

So now we get ourselves together and get over to Christmas part 3. Thankfully we get a rest since we don't have to venture to Hagerstown for the visit w/ my extended family until later in the week so the next few days the kids can watch new movies, play with toys and relax.

I better scoot, Caroline is putting on her 34th coating of lip gloss - she got quite a bit of it in her stocking and Bryce does NOT like hearing that boys don't wear lip gloss.

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Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!