Sunday, December 16, 2007

Little Mary

In a long history of Caroline always pretending to be someone from a television show, Caroline's new persona is now Mary. You know, Mary from the Nativity... Kind of funny because we are not religious (although both of us were raised going to church and Sunday school so we clearly know the story). But I think this sudden interest in Mary and the Baby Cheezus (as she calls him) have to do with the Wiggles Christmas DVDs we've been watching a LOT of lately. They have several religious Christmas songs in which they depict Nativity scenes and such (Away in the Manger, Silent Night, and Angels We Have Heard on High). She constantly walks around with a blanket on her head and we're supposed to call her Mary and Bryce is supposed to be Joseph, although he rarely cooperates. She also is constantly wanting to get married - I think because she thinks there is some kind of connection to being married and being called Mary. She also makes Bryce play along in her marriage scenario too and makes him put a ring on her finger and kiss her over and over.

Last night at bedtime she wanted to pretend that her bed tent was a stable and that she and baby Cheezus were sleeping in the stable while I (Joseph for the time being) went to the grocery store. Then this morning she donned the Mary blanket again and kept it on during for the entire duration of a Wiggles Christmas DVD and then at breakfast in it. I was impressed she managed to avoid getting any syrup on her blanket so maybe it was divine intervention?

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