Monday, December 17, 2007

Like My Daddy

I've been talking about how much Bryce loves his daddy and I think my interaction this morning confirmed how much he looks up to him. Jason had already left for work and I start hearing "Daddy, come get me. Come get me out! Daddy!!" So I went into his room and as soon as he sees it's not Jason, he asks "Where's Daddy?"

He was a little grumpy because it was me and not Jason but after some tickling and talking, he cheered up. I took him over to change his diaper and as he's laying there he looks at me and says, "I'm gonna be tall like my daddy. I'm gonna drink coffee like my daddy." Knowing Jason is really missing something big, I ask Bryce, "Is daddy your hero?" And knowing that Bryce has no idea what a hero is, he replies right away, "Yes!"

So right there, it tells me how much he just loves and wants to be just like his daddy. It's just the neatest thing to see how this has developed as a little boy grows up. It's just something so instinctive and because it's obvious to Bryce how much his daddy loves him, they just feed off each other. They have tickle/wrestling matches all the time and he settles right down for daddy at bedtime while he NEVER will settle down for me anymore. (I used to be the one that always put Bryce to bed.)

Pretty cute - my guys. I never realized how sweet this would be.


Katie said...

Bryce is a sweetheart.

jason said...

I'm molding him. He'll be an ornery bugger like me!

Christine said...

Awwwww, how sweet!!!