Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweet Caroline!

My baby girl woke up at 4am this morning ready to celebrate her birthday. I think the wind is what woke her up (and gave her problems going to sleep) but it was her birthday energy that kept her going. She was JAZZED when I left her and Bryce with my MIL this morning.

But how did my baby get to be four? Four sounds so old. It seems like yesterday I was sitting in my room at the hospital hooked up to the pitocin just waiting for her to arrive......over 12 hours later. But now it seems she's 4 going on 16 with her dramatics and it's amazing how much you can love someone more and more (but also get so frustrated). But no matter what, we are thrilled to be her parents and on this journey with her as she grows. So with that, I'll give you a bit of a photo retrospective of my babe:





4 years old:

I'm taking her for her 4 year pictures on Friday night! So Happy Birthday sweetheart! I'm so glad I had you!


Katie said...

We're celebrating Caroline's birthday this morning. Emily did her happy dance for her.

bracken said...

Such a cutie! Hope her birthday is wonderful!

Bertie said...

Caroline will always hold that special little place in my heart as my first grandchild. She is such a joy! She's made my wish come true :-)