Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Go Downstairs Mommy and Daddy!

Yesterday afternoon, Bryce's new bed and chest of drawers arrived! It's just beautiful and I'm so glad we settled on that style and manufacturer. However, I'm not posting pictures because the room is still a mess, unpainted, and not ready. However, that didn't stop Bryce. He was PSYCHED! So much so that we were worried come bedtime that he would NOT want to sleep in his crib. Fortunately, he didn't make the connection. But, as soon as I got home, he led me upstairs to show me his big boy bed and then proceeded to climb up onto it and then pretend to go to sleep. Then he said, "Go downstairs Mommy and Daddy!" and he pretended to snore.

I'm hoping his transition to his big boy room in a few weeks will be an easy one. Although he seems to think a bed is fun right now and I'm just worried about having TWO free range children at night. But, so far, Bryce has proven to be very unlike his sister, so he may just surprise us and go to bed without problems.

Now to get that room taped, painted, and the border up. And here's a preview of the wallpaper border:

He also has several items needed for his new room on his Christmas list (sheets, lamp, etc) so we'll probably need to wait until Christmas to do the big move.


bracken said...

A big boys exciting! I love the border.

Viv said...

Love the border - what color are you painting the walls? Can't wait to see pics!