Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Four Types of Wa-was

As I've mentioned before, Bryce refers to his blankie as "wa-wa" for some reason that we have not figured out. However, since this began, he has adopted additional wa-was that he needs to be covered up with each night before going to sleep. We're up to four at this point and I wouldn't be surprised if there ended up being more. And each wa-wa has a name:

1. Wa-wa - original wa-wa that was purchased for him from Gymboree by my friend Kristine before he was born. A very soft, cotton knit blue blankie with a cute rhino on each side. This is the wa-wa he loves the MOST and drags around the house in an almost Linus-like fashion.

2. Udder wa-wa - this is a light blue large flannel blanket that we used in our swaddling days. We initially gave it to him when he spent the night at my IL's house so that if it got left there (as thinks kids carry around are apt to do) original wa-wa would still be at home.

3. New wa-wa - this is another large flannel blanket that was also used in our swaddling days that we interchange with udder wa-wa but somehow both udder and new made it into his crib recently and now he wants them both. This blanket is also light blue but it has dogs with baseball gear on it.

4. Hot wa-wa - this is the quilt that came with his crib bedding set. We're pretty sure he calls it hot wa-wa because it's fairly thick and the last to go on and probably does make him hot sometimes. Although he doesn't always want hot wa-wa on.

Jason is usually the preferred parent to put Bryce to bed these days as I attempted it the other night and instead of laying down and getting covered up, all he cried was "I need my daddy! Where is my daddy!" So he was left to his own devices on covering himself with wa-was that night.

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Krissy said...

Awww...I didn't know I gave him his FAVORITE wa-wa! How cute. Glad he got a good use out of it!