Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Part III

Well, Christmas part 3 went off well. Because we spent most of Christmas Eve with my IL's we only had plans to visit my parent's on Christmas day which made the day much more relaxing. (I guess spreading 2 visits out over 2 days is a good thing!) So we arrived at my parents' just after noon and had lunch and waited for my brother and future SIL to arrive before opening gifts. Bryce napped while the rest of us watched A Christmas Story for the 500th time. And when it came time to open gifts, Bryce did the same thing as he had earlier where he did not want to open gifts after he got something he really liked. Caroline, on the other hand, was done opening her gifts in about 2.4 seconds and then was bored. Fortunately, they received Shrek III and that kept her entertained while the adults opened gifts. But Bryce, well, Bryce became our roaming photographer. He adopted Caroline's new camera as his own and took about 300 pictures. And for once, 300 is NOT an exaggeration. When I picked it up, I noticed that the camera was on photo # 320!!!!! Most were junk, but some were quite funny. I'll have to do a whole post about that later.

I must say, we all received such wonderful and thoughtful gifts from all sides of our families and as usual, I feel very blessed to have such a loving family!

Christmas part IV will be taking place later this week but with much less vigor than our first three parts of Christmas. Stay tuned for photos...

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