Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another Year, Another Tuba Christmas

Yesterday was the annual Merry Tuba Christmas in Baltimore down at the Inner Harbor. My dad has been playing his euphonium in it since 1999. The weather was quite chilly with a breeze and a supposedly impending winter storm, but it still proved to be a festive afternoon. (Both kids were interested in seeing inside "Santa's House" but neither wanted to go inside for a sit on his lap.) However, the chill in the air did prove a little much so after a few songs we took a break and went in for some Starbucks holiday drinks and then came back out with our body temperatures a little bit higher. I'm sure the tuba players would have liked a warm drink too considering many of them were sitting on concrete but I'm thinking the holiday spirit helped keep a lot of them warm. The kids both enjoyed the music and kept hoping for encores of Jingle Bells and Away in the Manger.

But once the music was over, we moved into the Light Street pavilion for dinner at the Big Kahuna Cantina, which was quite delicious! Both kids enjoyed the festive atmosphere and were great fun in the restaurant with Bryce constantly wanting to do "CHEERS!" with all of our drinks. I know I always look forward to this event since going downtown at Christmas always feels so festive and fills me with holiday cheer. Plus, I think with the potential for bad weather yesterday, it kept the Harbor crowds to a minimum so there was no wait at the restaurant and traffic/parking was a breeze.

Here's a snippet of the music and a little holiday marching (I think she might have been singing "Fa la la la la" instead of Jingle Bells b/c that was her song of choice yesterday):

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