Thursday, December 27, 2007

A 2 and 4 year Photo Montage to Christmas

In the 400 + photos that have already been taken, here are just a few that make me laugh:

Bryce's self foot portrait:

Caroline's self foot portrait:

A framed picture of the Christmas trash:

Bryce's girlfriend (Kelly) - he really took a LOT of pictures of her:

And there were LOTS of pictures of either people's knees or crotches as I guess that is what little kids see:


viv said...

Kenzie got this camera for her 2nd birthday in October and she LOVES IT! I actually have to hide it from her :) Glad Bryce likes it too even though Caroline might not be able to use her gift much.........

Dawn said...

Gotta love those sneaky toddler shots! I'm glad they're enjoying their camera. Madelyn has taken about a hundred of my butt which I'm embarassed to say she gets a huge kick out of showing random guests...!