Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Visit to Christmasland

As planned we ventured out to the Festival of Trees yesterday morning with my parents to visit what Caroline has been referring to as "Christmasland." And Christmasland it was, indeed.

The place was full of beautifully decorated trees, Christmas craft vendors, train gardens and lots of fun things to do. Of course, we ended up spending most of our time in Santa Land where there were rides and moonbouncers! Both kids loved the carousel but only Caroline would do the moonbounce since Bryce got in and then had to be taken back out. But I think their favorite part was the Christmas Choo Choo. They were lucky enough to be in the "driving seats" and it was quite a bouncy ride. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time watching them bob along and Bryce holding onto the steering wheel for dear life. But they both had smiles on their faces. I'd hoped they could ride again later but when later came around the line was pretty long and with as long as it takes to board and unload, it would have taken a while and they were starting to get hungry. But, I did get a video....

The funny thing was that we ran into some people we hadn't seen in a while. A couple that my sister went to HS with was there with their 3 kids (we seem to run into them every so often at similar events catering to our demographic) and we ran into a guy that Jay and I went to middle school and HS with who I hadn't seen since spring break 1998 in Cancun. He now has 2 children and lives in Pittsburgh with his family. It was so good to see everyone and added to the joy of the day.

I had hoped that the kids would be interested in visiting with Santa but when we came upon him, both kids took a good look and declared that they did NOT want to sit on his lap. I'm thinking it's not even worth it to take them to the mall for a sitting. Bryce keeps looking at his picture from last year and says "Brycey cry. Brycey scared Santa." So I think he already has decided he's not interested. And not worth my time and energy - they'll be intersted in a few years.

Oh and we did manage to get a decent family shot of the four of us, but I can't show it to you now since it very well may be making an appearance on our Christmas card and I don't want to ruin it b/c I know how everyone waits on pins and needles for our card each year. ;)


Dawn said...

Aww bummer, we have to wait to see the family pic? Darn! :-)

The kids are so cute on the train! We took ours on a similar little ride in the mall after our portraits the other day, and Maddie laughed the whole time while Sienna cried and cried, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Kenzie so wanted to ride the choo choo :( But since I was too big to ride we had to pass on it. She did ride the carousel and the reindeer (with help from me both times) and of course she was in the moon bounce! ~ Viv

bracken said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! The kids look great.