Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Turns Out There Is No Preschool Dilemna

Maybe you remember my discussions in the past about what to do with Caroline for preschool for fall 08 when she is eligible for public preschool. We had hoped that she would be able to go to the elementary school (ES) in my daycare provider's (DCP) district but knew that there was no guarantee for her to get in since the first spots go to children with financial issues and learning issues. So we figured that we'd keep our fingers crossed and hope she'd get in and then she could ride the bus to and from our DCP's for the half day program. Our back up was for her to attend the all day program here at the daycare center here on campus. But the problem was that if she wouldn't have gotten into the local ES for preschool, it might have been too late to get her into the one here on campus. So, a dilemna.

Turns out, there is no dilemna. Really, we only have one choice. I called the ES in my DCP's district and found out that because preschool is not a legally mandated program, that children are only allowed to go to the preschool in their district. So I could attempt to get her into our ES's program, but because it's not a mandated program, my local ES would not be required to give her transportation to and from school - and there's no way my DCP could do that. (Kindergarten is an entirely different proposition though since it's required so if they didn't let her go to my DCP's ES, the county would HAVE to come and get her from my DCP's house to attend our local ES.)

So, I've already contacted the daycare/preschool here on campus and they are sending me an application. They can't guarantee me a spot at this point, but the woman I spoke with said that she feels pretty sure it shouldn't be a problem. However, we won't know 100% until the spring. Please keep your fingers crossed for us, since this is actually a good thing since the daycare/preschool here is really good and it would work out well for us with transportation!


Anonymous said...

Ok so let me get this straight - pre-schoolers go to school but can't ride the bus with the kindergardners? WHAT? Glad to know this now for down the road............. Hope Caroline gets into the Towson program :)

P.S. I got a Towson Fund mailer in the mail and it was filled with babies/toddlers of alumni, TU staffers and professors - I was hoping your cute kiddies would have been in it ( your kids could be in ads E!)

~ V

Erika said...

No, preschoolers can ride the bus. But you're not qualified to even go to preschool unless you live in the district for that school. (For K-12 you can get an exception to go to a school out of your district for some reasons - daycare being one.) But for preschool, there are no exceptions. And since there are no exceptions, the only school Caroline could attend would be our district but they don't have to provide a bus to/from my daycare b/c it's not a mandated program.

Christine said...

Yay on the possible easy solution!!! I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed that she gets into "your" program!!! How cute that you guys could carpool to school??? How do they determine which kids get picked? I just hope she isn't TOO smart!

Anonymous said...

Oh got it - I was reading too fast (and having a blonde moment!) ~ V