Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Silly Things They Do

My kids are silly. There's no denying it! Bryce has decided that an extra large Shed's Spread Country Crock container is a football helmet and now wears it almost all the time. He put it on the other morning and brought Jason the football and asked him to throw it to him. Pretty ingenious for a 2 year old to realize he needs a football helmet to play football! He even wore it in the car all the way to Emily's house on Sunday but took it off before we went into the house. But he put it back on as soon as we returned to the car. Maybe he was feeling a little shy and wasn't ready to share his butter helmet with the rest of the world.

And then on Sunday, Caroline thought it would be pretty funny to get inside her kitchen, but she was trying to get into the fridge but since there are shelves in there, it wouldn't work. So I helped her clean out the cabinet and then took out the sink and you see the picture. Bryce was scared to do it for some reason, but she thought it was pretty funny. Later on she had to stick her butt in the hole too and then she and Bryce had a fight over shutting her in the cabinet, but for the most part it was good fun for both of them. My dad made this kitchen for them, so I'm sure he'll be proud to see what she accomplished.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the head coming out of the sink! Too funny! And the butter helmet is adorable! Who needs Christmas gifts when you can just give kids butter and cool whip containers and big boxes and bubble wrap! ~ V

bracken said...

Kids have the craziest imaginations. Sydney spends a lot of time sitting in her baby doll crib -- if you take the top off it is like a bucket and she can fit in it. Then last night she got out empty boxes and said they were her train. It is so much fun to watch her brain work.