Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Quiet Evening

Jay and I had an unexpected quiet evening last night - the IL's needed the kids to come up there for the night due to some car issues that wouldn't allow them to drive down today so after dinner, Jason packed them up and off they went. (I always get so sad when they leave!) But with the quiet time, I put on the Christmas music - Diana Krall...ahhhhhh! - and did some picking up and cleaned up the kitchen. Then I got the powder room and kids' bathroom cleaned too! I even washed the fabric shower curtain b/c I was tired of looking at the dirt on it. Then I tackled the closet in the nursery b/c there was so much crap in it and with moving Bryce to his new room in a few weeks, we needed to do it. And I got the humidifiers set up in both kiddies rooms. Then when Jay got home he put together Caroline's baby bunk beds so they will be ready to give to her this weekend. They turned out SO well and I made the cutest little purple gingham flannel pillows and blankets for them too. I think she's gonna flip!

Oh and in other news, Venus has gone back to live at Bertie's house. Over the weekend Caroline had a discussion with Bertie about why she thinks Venus is mean to her even though Caroline is nice to her. She told my mom, "I think Venus thinks I'm not her mommy and she misses her real mommy, Bertie." (Venus originally belonged to my sister but Caroline found her at Bertie's house so she thinks that Bertie is Venus' mommy.) So when my mom came over, Caroline dressed her and wrapped her up in a blanket and gave her back to Bertie. She even gave her a kiss goodbye - let me tell you, that will almost rip your heart out. And once my mom left, she was sad about it and talked about it at bedtime too. She's mentioned her a few times but knows she can visit Venus at Bertie's house and that Venus will be happier there. She even asked me if I would call and check on her. Since Venus left though, there hasn't been anymore fighting with her other dolls. Both Phoebe and Kyle (her newest adoptee) have been treating her well. So I think CPS is off the hook....

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