Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Not So Quiet Evening for Nana & Big Dad

While Jason and I enjoyed a serene evening, it turns out that my IL's had less of a quiet time. I guess in the past when they've had both kids, they've laughed and played and eventually gone to sleep - even if it was pretty late. But last night, Bryce wanted NONE of it. As soon as they tried to put him to bed, he started crying.

"I need my daddy! I wanna go home! I need my daddy! I wanna go home!"

Sandy said that if we lived closer she would have brought him home b/c he was so pitiful. So I guess to let Caroline go to sleep, they brought Bryce to lay in bed with them while Big Dad watched football. Everytime Tom thought Bryce was asleep, he'd poke his little head up and say "TACKLE!"

Finally, at 11:30pm, he passed out from sheer exhaustion. He was up at 7am, like clockwork.

It's amazing how Bryce has transformed from a mommy's baby to daddy's boy - that kid sure does love his daddy!

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Katie said...

Aw Bryce! He is just darling.