Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Naked Hand

If you forget to put on your engagement/wedding rings, does your hand feel naked all day?

I usually take my rings off when I get home in the evenings for a multitude of reasons (I don't like it when my hands get wet w/ rings on and they are often wet w/ the kids, I don't like to exercise with them on, and I am constantly knocking the diamond on things since I'm left handed and it's my dominant hand.) So about 99.9% of the time, I remember to put them back on in the morning before work. But today, I forgot - probably because I was talking to Bryce who was laying in my bed watching SuperWhy as I was finishing getting ready. And now I have naked hand! It's such an odd feeling even though I have plenty of time not wearing rings, not wearing them at work feels really weird. I hope no one tries to pick me up thinking I'm not married. Or that I'm a single mom of two.....now that's a laugh.


Katie said...

Yes. my hands feel naked when rings not on. I took them off during pregnancy & they are just starting to fit again.

Christine said...

I definitely would feel the same, but I almost never take mine off. So, did you get any good propositions?

Amy said...

Mine have been off for a few months now and I still hate it. I can't wait until they fit again!