Monday, November 19, 2007

I Want a Do-Over!

After having such a nice weekend which included a birthday party, visiting with my parents and dinner down at Katie's house (which was oh so nice and we need to do again SOON!), I hoped our good karma would continue.

But you know, that was just wishful thinking. It started with Caroline having a very difficult morning. (Bryce was just peachy, thank you very much.) She screamed. She cried. She refused to get dressed. She ran away from me. She slammed a door in my face. (nice, huh?) I countered it by trying to start her over by cuddling her, talking to her VERY calmly, loving her, and giving her individual attention. Nothing worked today until SHE was ready to get dressed. The only thing I can do is give myself credit for not getting riled up in the least and knowing that while I cannot control her temper, I can control mine. Whew. And of course, once we got to Cathy's she had turned it off.

But then I had to drive to work in the drippy, gray weather which means that traffic was horrible. I thought maybe that it would be easy going b/c of Thanksgiving and people taking the whole week off, but I was wrong there too. I think MORE people were at work on a Monday than usual b/c of the holiday later in the week and you couple that with just a little bit of wet weather and you have instant traffic problems.

And then outside my office window (I am happy to at least HAVE a window though...) they have some insanely loud cherry picker thing going up and down to work on something on the building. So it's loud and those damn BEEP BEEP BEEPS are driving me insane. As if I didn't have enough of a reason to have a headache.

And then one of the servers is not working so I can't do my friggin' job.

I want a do-over.

But in light of the fact that it is Thankgiving week, I am thankful that I have two healthy children who can fight with me. I am thankful to have a nice, warm car to drive in and a nice radio to listen to while I sit in traffice. I'm thankful to have a job I like very much and other people in my office that are quite nice as well. So really, in the grand scheme of things, life isn't so bad. It just sure gives you a headache sometimes...


bracken said...

I am sending positive energy your way!!!!!!!

Christine said...

I'm so sorry you had a rough day. Here's hoping tomorrow is better!