Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Caroline & Colds

Well, Miss C has another cold. Ugh - I hate it when she gets colds. Not just because I feel bad for her not feeling tip top, but because she's soooooo grumpy and tempermental when she has a cold. So you have an already tempermantal burgeoning 4 year old + a cold that makes her more irritable and you have frustrated parents. I can't complain too much since this morning, which had a dicey start, straightened out when I made her laugh. But often her colds result in weird nightly wakeups where she cries a lot and is just grumpy. Jason fended one off this morning at 5am and after jerking him around a little bit, he got her to go back to sleep until after 6:30 am.

Plus, she has the GROSSEST cold habit. I guess her nose itches a lot w/ a cold and while I know she knows how to blow her nose, she is constantly rubbing her nose and often rubs it up or down her face. EW! So you know what that leaves behind in it's wake....dried snot. It drives me absolutely crazy. So I'm always relieved when C is done with a cold because it means her face is a lot cleaner.

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