Saturday, November 03, 2007

Big Boy Coming in 8-10 Weeks

Tonight, Jason and I sucked it up and went out and seriously looked at bedroom furniture for Bryce. We'd been putting it off for so many reasons - money, not wanting to think about moving him out of the nursery, not wanting to take him out of a crib where he can't (or at least doesn't) get out - but we realized we couldn't be in denial for much longer. We were so lucky that with Caroline, she simply inherited the furniture from my girlhood since it's still in good shape (WTG mom on buying high quality, timeless furniture in the 1980's that would stand the test of time and style!) So we dropped the kids off at my parents' (what kid wants to furniture shop?) and made a quick run for it. We went to 2 places and I was less than thrilled with the selection and quality. Feeling rather negative, we turned into the last place we'd stop for the evening and as soon as I walked into the youth furniture section, I KNEW this was it. In fact, I stopped dead in front of the bed and knew right away it was what I wanted.

I was looking for something that is not too youthful - something that Bryce can use for the next 16+ years of living with us. I also wanted something that was not too dark since I really don't like dark wood furniture, but of course it could NOT be white. I'm very partial to a light wood finish since it won't show dust (I hate to dust and don't do it often, nor will I expect my children to) and I like how well it works with any color scheme.

So we finally settled on the bed and the type of dresser/chest we wanted and it is set to arrive in 8-10 weeks which means we have to get cracking on getting that back bedroom cleaned out, painted, and ready for big boy Bryce.

Here's a preview of the bed and chest (it's called a "growing up chest" - which I love!). Please excuse the fact that the bed is shown in a girl's room. I assure you that it can be a boy's bed too. In fact, in the store it was made up to look like a boy's bed. I might have dressed my son up at 18 months in a dress, but I wouldn't give him girl's furniture. I know he'll have male friends over someday - I just couldn't do that to him.

The bed:

The chest:

He already has a bookshelf my dad made him and plenty of toys. We'll get him the desk in a few years when he actually needs a desk, but I think for now, this will be just fine.

So now to figure out a theme for the room - probably something with cars and a color. I also want to get heavier shades in there because that room gets some SERIOUS morning sun and Bryce wakes up too early as it is.

Happy time change everyone! Hope you didn't forget to fall back!


Christine said...

Yay on the beautiful furniture! Sounds like you guys have a lot of work ahead of you. I can't believe he's ready for a big boy room already!

Anonymous said...

really you're moving him? Kenzie too hasn't tried to get out and I'm thinking I'll let her stay that way until she's 3 if she'll let me. We have a convertable bed so we can really change at anytime (Tori has her own convertable crib/bad too)

If Bryce hasn't tried to climb out, why are you doing it now? I'm just curious as maybe we should switch Kenzie soon too.

~ V

Erika said...

He actually has tried - it's just not all the time. Only when he's really pi$$ed off. In fact, he just tried it again when I put him down for a nap. He gets one leg over, so it's only a matter of time.

Also, in the past few weeks, he has started SCREAMING everytime we put him to bed and I know I've read in a few places that sometimes that's a sign that they are ready to get out of the crib. If I had a convertible crib, I would try the toddler bed option, but given that we already have a twin mattress/box spring, we figured we might as well and go ahead w/ it b/c buying and additional toddler bed frame would be a waste of money.

bracken said...

The furniture looks great! Sydney's bed converted but lately her thing is to sleep on the floor so her bed doesn't get any use right now as it is:>

Dawn said...

Oooh...I love it, Erika! That looks perfect for a little boy's room. He'll be able to use that for a long time! Can't wait to see pics of his big boy room.

Anonymous said...

Gotcha - I thought he was ood with the crib you were just trying to move him on. I'm thinking I'll stay in crib mode as long as possible! :)

The bed looks really neat! I love the light wood too we went that route with both girls - as much as I like white beds in the catalogs I know thay aren't very practicle I had a white bed set and boy did I mess it up with crayons and banging into it to show the wood underneath!)
~ V