Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What's with the toybox?

Jay and I were throwing dinner together last night as Bryce ran in and out of the kitchen when we both realized that Caroline had disappeared. Knowing that sometimes she's up to something when it's too quiet, we both called out her name and here is where we found her:

She said that her and Venus were cuddling in there and they liked it because it was quiet and they had lots of toys to play with. She stayed in there until it was time for dinner and then she got out without any problems.

After dinner she wanted to do one of her Yoga Kids DVDs so we let them wiggle around to those for a bit and then we told them it was time for bed. Caroline made a beeline for the playroom for some reason and when I went in, here is what I saw:

I don't know what the deal with the toybox was yesterday, but she clearly was all over it. Of course this evening I found her sitting on top of her toy kitchen too, so maybe this is just a weird "use the furniture in the playroom for odd things" type of phase.

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