Monday, October 29, 2007

The Waterproof Mattress Pad Finally Gets Used

Back when we first moved into our house and were buying our bed and mattress, I was newly pregnant with Caroline and in thinking about what was in our future, I purchased a waterproof mattress pad for our very nice pillowtop mattress thinking that I would hate to have it soiled by my water breaking or in the early days of breastfeeding with a baby in the bed with us. And with 2 pregnancies, breastfeeding and newborns in bed with us, the waterproof mattress pad really didn't get a workout. I'm sure there was some spitting up on it and some minor breastmilk leaks here and there, but nothing that big.

Well, today, I was so glad we had it on. At 6:30am this morning, Caroline barfed in our bed. I was in the bathroom after my shower and I heard Jason talking to Caroline. I heard a few coughs and then Jason saying "Oh no!!!" Knowing what had just happened, I opened the door to find Caroline covered in barf and it all over my side of the bed.

So we got some towels and wash clothes and cleaned her up. Our sheets and trusty mattress pad are being washed right now. So I'm thankful for that pad and thankful that we hadn't taken it off thinking we didn't really need it. No worries about sleeping on a barf scented mattress tonight.

As for Caroline, I'm surprised she threw up again. She didn't have anymore vomitting or diarrhea after she returned home on Friday, so while her appetite was almost non-existent this weekend, we figured she was just recovering. She nibbled on a few things last night and it was clear this morning that none of it was digested. So Jason is home with them today and is making sure we push the fluids on her. (She didn't drink much at all yesterday and we realized at 7pm that she hadn't peed all day! Although she does have an abnormally large bladder for a young child and can hold it for a LONG time so it sounds more alarming than it was. But after we realized that we got her to drink a bunch of water and she'd already had a decent amount of Coke this morning. (But I have to ask this, if children's electrolyte drink - Pedialyte - is supposed to be what is best for them when they are sick, then why the heck does it taste like CRAP? No kid that I know has ever wanted to drink ANY of it. I know I wouldn't!)

So we keep our fingers crossed that this is this virus' last hurrah and she will start feeling better soon. The poor thing has lost 2lbs and you can tell she's lost weight just looking at her. She was only 33lbs to begin with, so not a big kid. And so far, Bryce is fine.


Christine said...

Oh, poor baby! You know, there is a bug going around that seems to go away and then returns- I think there's a thread about it on cmoms. Hopefully this is it for her!

I'm also glad you protected your mattress! Gotta admit, I had a small giggle about the barf-scented mattress. GL to Jay today!

Anonymous said...

Poor Caroline! Have you tried the clear Pedilyte - it has no taste and you mix it with other juice to hide it. Plus Target has a great off brand that it the same thing for less cost. Kenzie's really likes the fruit punch flavor (I think that's what it is). I hope Bryce doesn't get what ever she has (or you or Jay!)

And good call on the mattress pad! But if you have a king size bed I bet it's a bi*ch to wash right (we have a king and I hate when we have to wash our comforter or mattress pad!)
~ V