Friday, October 26, 2007

Sick Girl

Caroline just hasn't been herself the past few days and we suspected maybe she had a bit of a stomach bug - well, I just talked to Cathy and she hasn't eaten anything today (she barely did yesterday) and she said, "I feel crummy." So I'm off to go and get them both and let them nap at home. I'm hoping the off and on diarrhea she's had the past few days doesn't get worse or result in some barfing. She perked up on the phone when I mentioned letting her have some Coke since that's a pretty taboo thing around our house. Fingers crossed this doesn't mess up any of our Halloween fun activities this weekend - she'd be heartbroken!


bracken said...

Sydney seems to be experiencing the same think right now. Hope Caroline feels better!

Katie said...

Poor C! I kept Emily home from preschool today b/c she has a cold and is all congested. It's that time of year again I guess.