Sunday, October 21, 2007

She Licked the Moss

I've told stories before about how sensory oriented Caroline is about things so I guess I shouldn't be that surprised that she did this.

The kids spent the night at the IL's last night since we were at the MD football game (yeah, the game sucked) so we went up today to pick them up and hang out for a bit. The kids and I were out in their rustic back yard that both kids just adore while the guys were watching football. Lots of trees and a very woodsy feel to it - Caroline likes to walk the "trails" that Big Dad kind of has mapped out. Anyway, both kids were doing the usual of messing with sticks, picking up acorns, and just exploring when I saw Caroline pick up a little tuft of moss from the base of a tree. I saw her bring it close to her face and then smell it. Again, not surprised since she smells most things. I knew that she already knew what moss was since I have some memory of either Jay or my FIL explaining it to her.

But before I knew it, she brought the moss up to her face again and she LICKED it. GROSS! I said, "Caroline, did you just lick that?"

Looking at me with a sheepish look on her face and some moss on her chin, "Yes."

At this point she starts to spit it out and make spitting sounds.

"Caroline, we do not put ANYTHING we find on the ground in our mouth. EVER."

At that point, I think she felt kind of silly and said she needed to wipe her mouth which she did on her shirt, but when I asked her if she needed a drink, she said she did not.

Gives new meaning to the term "moss mouth," doesn't it?


Anna said...

Erika! She *licked* the moss! OMGosh!! Wow. Guess she really does want to use all of her senses! :)

Katie said...

Caroline should be on Survivor. She would be great at the taste-test challenges.

Christine said...

You'd think they would outgrow things like that huh? I'm truly amazed at just how often Anya has her fingers in her mouth nowadays! Maybe Katie has a point- she's got a career in reality shows!