Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Self Healer

Bryce has become a self healer when he has minor bumps and bruises. Being an avid running, hopping, leaping and falling little boy, he often will fall down or throw himself down and remark, "OUCH!" "Hurt, Mommy!" But instead of running to me to kiss his boo boos, he has taken it upon himself to start kissing his own boo boos and then declaring himself "All better, Mommy!"

So I guess he's becoming a bit self reliant in that he can make his own boo boo pain go away. He must have some magic kisses because I've seen (and heard) some of these self inflicted falls and I know that I'd be hurting if that was me.

Although I guess it's a little sad that he doesn't need me to kiss his little knees, but then maybe they didn't hurt that much anyway. But watching him sit himself down to kiss his own little knee and then hear him say "All better!" in his cute little voice is a pretty good consolation prize.

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