Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Rude or Just Weird?

So tell me your opinion on this....

Do you think it's odd for people to be talking on their cell phones in a public bathroom? Let me give you some more background before you answer.

I work at a university and the bathrooms on our floor are also used by students. I can't tell you how many times I've gone in there (just to pee!) and there is someone standing right in front of stalls on their phone. One time even, I went in and while I'm sitting there peeing, the girl in the stall next to me was TALKING ON HER PHONE while she was doing her business. At first I thought she was talking to me and then I realized she was on her phone. WTH?

I know that if I was on the toilet and the phone rang, I wouldn't answer it. Do I really want the person on the other end to hear bathroom sounds??

And when I went in there this morning, right as I walked into the bathroom, there was a girl standing there on her phone - it seemed like she'd walked in there to talk on the phone so she wouldn't be standing in the hallway doing it. (Not the place I'd choose to talk on the phone - it doesn't exactly smell great and the sound effects are not what you want in the background of your call.)

And maybe I'm weird, but when someone is on their phone in the bathroom while I'm in there I feel a little bit like my privacy is being invaded. (Again, maybe I'm weird.) Particularly when it's quiet and I'm the only other person in there. Do I really want the sound of me peeing being broadcast to some random person on the other end?

Maybe I'm getting old to even be bothered by this but I don't think public restrooms are the best place to take a casual phone call. I certainly wouldn't want YOU to call me from a public bathroom. Call me when you're done - I have patience, I can wait.

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Amy said...

The stinky shitter that works on my floor talks to her boyfriend in Spanish on the phone all the time! It drives me batty. I just flush the toilet over and over again and try to fart really loud.