Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Punkin House Day!

I took the day off today to spend the day with the kiddies and take them to the pumpkin farm - or the "punkin house" as Bryce kept calling it. For a mid-October day, it was 80 degrees when we finished up, so not exactly fall-ish feeling, but at least it was a beautiful day.

We arrived just after 9:30am which was when they opened and that was perfect timing since there was almost NO ONE there. The kids had free reign of the place and enjoyed checking out the animals, sliding on the hay slide, and running through the real hay maze. (Except, why do these little ones NOT ANSWER when they get away from you in the hay maze and think it's HILARIOUS to scare mommy when she cannot see you???) Caroline did get a little lost once and started crying b/c she saw someone she didn't know in the maze but my mom got to her quickly although I think it cured her of her speedy maze running.

Neither kid wanted to ride in the tractor/hay ride, so we stopped in the market, got some cider and delicious pumpkin butter (we already have pumpkins) and stopped for some lunch and JoAnn's to get Bryce a costume. They had their costumes 50% off so Bryce is going to be a dinosaur! $15 for a head to toe costume? Pretty good if you ask me.

Oh and I wanted to ask - did anyone else's kid FREAK OUT at that weird blow up climbing/slide thing? Both kids went in and Caroline got so scared once she was in there, she could barely walk herself out. I'm not sure what it was, but she was so scared! (Any other Weber's visitors have this happen?)


Anonymous said...

Did you go to the W farm? If so, we were there last night :) ! V

Anonymous said...

Ok I just saw your pic on your MySpace page so I know you went to W farm ;) ~ V

Katie said...

Love the pics of you guys!