Friday, October 19, 2007

Please Think of Phoebe & Caroline

We had a minor tragedy in our house this morning. I had just buckled Bryce into his carseat when I looked out at the driveway and noticed that Caroline had dropped Phoebe's diaper in the driveway when she'd gone out to get the paper. I picked it up and took it to her and as soon as I got to her side of the van I saw poor Phoebe. HER LEG WAS ALMOST FALLING OFF!!!

I took her from Caroline to survey the damage and saw that since she's a "hard body" doll, her legs and arms are attached via sockets and on Phoebe's leg, the leg was almost completely disconnected to the piece that keeps the leg in the socket. Basically, the doll is irreparable. Caroline got the saddest look on her face and I gave her the biggest hug and told her that this was NOT her fault. She kind of started to whimper and I rubbed her back and told her that she had taken very good care of Phoebe and that we would try to fix her when I got home. (I think I'll just try to glue the leg back on knowing it will never be able to move again.)

She asked me to get Venus when I told her she couldn't take legless Phoebe to daycare and I ran in and got her and left Phoebe on the kitchen table. I think Caroline was especially sad for two reasons. One - she had planned to take her new favorite doll to play with Cathy's daughter today who was going to be home from school today. And two - I had told her a little earlier that she could give Phoebe a bath with real water and soap since she was her only doll that didn't have a soft body.

So Caroline was okay with taking Venus and we got on the road to Cathy's. On the drive over there she said, "But mommy, I took such good care of her. Why did her leg come off?"

To which I replied, "Even though Phoebe was new to you, she was mommy's old doll, so she just got old." (Honestly, I know she didn't get played with very much when I had her but I also know that she wasn't exactly an expensive doll to begin with so it had probably always been near falling off but it just manifested after getting a little more play in the past 2 days.)

And to that she said, "No mommy, but Phoebe was a newborn baby!"

That just made me so sad - she just didn't understand how a "newborn" baby could break. So I reminded her that her birthday is a little over a month away and that maybe we need to put a new doll (that she can bathe) on her birthday list.

So does anyone have any good recommendations of dolls that you can give a bath? It doesn't need to do much of anything but it should look "real" and be able to withstand a 4 year old's love.


Christine said...

Awwww, poor Phoebe and Caroline!!!!!! I hope C recovers from the sahock soon! Sorry- no recommendations on bath dolls, but I do know they exist.

Katie said...

Can Phoebe survive with just one leg???