Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One more morsel of bloggity goodness....

Caroline told me this evening while we were in the bathroom giving baby Venus a sponge bath, "Venus has a penis. She's not a girl. She's a boy."

I said, well, if she's a boy, then you need to start calling her a HE! I kept talking to her about Venus and she kept slipping and saying "she" and "her." I kept reminding her and she kept laughing and forgetting.

So, I told her that Venus is usually a girl's name because of the Roman Goddess, Venus, and that there's a tennis player who is also a girl named Venus. Not that her Venus can't be the first boy Venus. (Are you starting to think the word Venus sounds weird after saying it over and over?)

She never did get the gendered terms right but then, I think she just liked saying that Venus was a boy because she liked rhyming "Venus" with the word "penis". She's almost 4, what can I say?

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