Friday, October 05, 2007


The days are getting shorter, the trees are starting to change from green to lovely autumn colors, the mornings are dark, Halloween decorations are showing up everywhere, thoughts of Thanksgiving are starting to enter my mind, and yesterday afternoon we turned on our AIR CONDITIONING.


Yep, the old AC was running in October. What is up with that? Although I'm not surprised given how HOT September was except for that random mid-September weekend where we thought fall was coming and I rushed out to buy cool weather clothes for the kids. (None of which they have worn.)

The kids are still wearing sandals and shorts and yesterday afternoon, we got home and our house was sweltering. I remember years past when occassionally maybe you'd need to turn the heat on in early October - at least for the overnight. But the AC? This isn't California, folks. It's MD. Are we going to go right from summer to winter without a fall to speak of? At this rate, it might be in the 60's on Thanksgiving.

Maybe I'm just a 4 seasons type of girl, but I guess I'm ready to enjoy some days in the upper 60's rather than sweating when I take a walk across campus. Autumn, where are you?


Heather said...

I'm with you, girlfriend. I was so excited during that one weekend a few weeks ago.

Katie said...

I caved & turned on the A/C two days ago. I tried not to-- I had the fans running, but it was just too hot.

One good thing is that Lucy is getting extended wear out of her 0-3 month sundresses. (At least the ones that still fit).

bracken said...

I thought I was just thinking the same thing because I was now in GA. didn't figure you were experiencing the same thing in MD. It has been in the mid-80s around here lately. It is getting cooler in the morning and the night which does start to feel more like fall but it is definitely warm.