Monday, October 15, 2007

My Little Gentleman

As parents, we hope our children will learn their please and thank yous quickly and always be gracious little people out in the world and be unconsciously polite. I remember starting the please and thank you talk with Caroline at a young age and started doing it fairly young with Bryce as well. We've always praised the kids for saying those words at appropriate times and figured we were doing something right.

But then, there is Bryce - already a little gentleman in my heart. Not only does he say please and thank you without any kind of prodding most times, the sweet little guy even says his thank yous for things most people wouldn't say thank you for.

After dinner last night, I washed his face - "Thack you, mommy!"

Last night I trimmed his fingernails - "Thack you, mommy!"

This morning, I changed his diaper - "Thack you, mommy!"

And not only does he thank me for odd things, but he usually gives you his cute little smile to go along with it. Which usually results in me having to give him a squeeze and BIG kiss on his wonderful cheeks. The ladies better watch out - do I have a charmer or what? (As long as he doesn't repeat daddy's slip up, right?)

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