Friday, October 26, 2007

Mommy Instincts

I guess my instincts were correct when I decided to go and pick up Caroline from daycare. There was nothing blaringly telling me to go and get her (fever, barfing, etc) but I just felt like I needed to get her and bring her home. En route to Cathy's, Caroline barfed up her lunch. When I got there she was feeling better and told me so as she as jumping around when I walked in. So I brought them both home and both kids took naps. Caroline woke up and drank 2 cups of diluted Coke and then proclaimed she was all better and there were no more germs in her belly. She also proceeded to describe the color and consistency of her barf, but I'll spare you those details. Mind you, she hasn't had ANYTHING to eat since her purge, so I can't say she's 100% but at least I think she'll be okay (or I hope) by tomorrow evening's Halloween festivities.

But I have a inkling that Bryce might be getting it due to some alarming digestive issues that I'll file under the category of T.M.I.

And that's how we've started our weekend. But, I must say, I'm on my 4th load of laundry and I cleaned the powder room, so it's been a fruitful "sick" afternoon.


Katie said...

Perfect time for a playdate.I'll bring our colds, you bring your stomach bugs. Sounds like a par-tay! NOT! ;-)

Christine said...

How is she today? Did the Coke make a difference? My parents gave me coke syrup as a kid, but I don't remember if it helped or not.